Friday, November 13, 2009

Update on my travels

Hello everyone. It has been a long couple of weeks for me. I have done so much since I last posted. My trip to Egypt was one that I will remember the rest of my life. My time was filled with seeing temples, the pyramids/sphinx, faluca rides, snorkeling, ATV rides, and so much more. The food I ate was mostly chicken and rice dishes. It got old after a while, and the meat that we did have was of low quality. The country itself very dirty. Everyone threw their trash into the streets, which made walking around the bazaar very smelly. The prices everything was very inexpensive, but you had to barter for everything. It was a very annoying process every day having to bicker over the price of your food. Any of the vendors would make great salesmen in America. They are very persistent and are very good liars. My favorite place was Sharm. I could spend a week there just cruising the Red Sea and being lazy. While we were there we spent all day snorkeling around the reefs and having a merry time on the boat taking in the beautiful weather.
Then I came back to the real world and had to study for my midterms when I returned to Thessaloniki. The following weekend ACT took us to Athens for the weekend were I saw the Parthenon and had free time to walk around the city. The Greeks stay up very late and may bars don't open until 11 o'clock at night. So by the time the weekend was over all of us were ready to go home. It was unfortunate that we had a 9 hour bus ride back to Thessaloniki from Athens.
So I Have finished all my midterms this week, which have all gone really well. There are only 4 weeks left of class! Yikes. It seems like I just got here. I have a few more places to see still so the semester is not over yet!

Long overdue Pictures form Egypt

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vacation from my Studies

Today is the first day of my fall break and a few of the guys and I are going to Egypt. We are spending ten days traveling to cities along the Nile river. We start our Travels with a 6 hour train ride to Athens form Thessaloniki. From there we take a plane ride to Cairo and a leg to Luxor where we will spend our first two days. From there we will travel to the cities of Aswan and Sharm El Sheikh and then back to Cairo. The city I'm most looking forward to is Sharm El Sheikh because the city itself is located on Red Sea and has beautiful beaches. I hope to go snorkeling while I'm there.

Oct. 22
Thess - Athens Train
Athens - Cairo Plane

October 23
Cairo - Luxor Plane

October 24
Luxor - Aswan Train

October 27
Aswan - Sharm El Sheikh Plane

October 29
Sharm El Sheikh - Cairo Plane

October 31
Cairo - Athens Plane
Athens - Thess Train

Saturday, October 17, 2009


The guys minus Trent
Mt. Olympus

Wandering the city
A puppy followed us
Hot and cold bath house
Aqueduct system in the bath house

Furnace where they heated the water for hot bath

Mike, my roommate

A new church was built over the old (3rd and4th century AD)

Different Plinth designs

Measurement system used in the Forum

They were 'restoring' the mosaics.
I think they are just making their own

One of the baths in Dionysos' compound

The only original mosaics in the ancient city

Looking south on the main road


Drinking the Mt. Olympus water form the aqueduct
Isis monument
(Egyptian/Roman goddess that represented the ideal mother)
Natural spring under the Isis alter building
Statues of Greek Gods
Zeus ; )

Behind the Roman theater
Larissa is a very rural town
The town is located in the foothills of Mt. Olympus